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Introducing the the Full Swing Golf Simulator, the latest in golfing technology.
Play any one of the 60 world class golf courses, practice on the driving range, or even play longest drive and closest to the pin competitions. You can play individually, as a group or even join other international players over the internet.

As you hit the ball it passes through two infra red fields which track the flight, speed, spin and much more before it hits the screen. This information is then relayed to the screen in front of you, giving you a true record of your shot.

Relive your greatest shots from different angles and watch as your ball drops at your feet.

After you have finished you can check your score, work out your best drive, chip, or putt. You will even be able to get your average drive in meters or yards. After a few games the Full Swing Golf Simulator can even calculate your handicap.

As the simulators have a projector built in, you can even watch a film, or the football, you never know you may even want to watch the pro's playing golf on the same course you've have just finished.